Why to apply

13 reasons to participate in the Course:

  • You need no prior programming experience
  • Get over the first hard steps of learning programming in two weeks assisted by experienced TAs and lecturers
  • Meet experts in your field of evolutionary biology
  • Learn widely used programming languages in evolutionary biology
  • Learn how to analyze high-throughput sequencing data
  • Learn state of the art tools used in evolutionary biology research
  • Pick the brain of the lecturers and speakers who will all be around for several days
  • Learn how to design and perform bioinformatics-based projects
  • Develop your own 3-days project and strengthen your team work skills
  • Come away with a tool kit for performing your own computational analyses
  • Establish collaborations for future research projects and stay in contact with the bioinformatics community
  • Learn to communicate with computer scientists to develop cutting edge research at the intersection of biology and your informatics department
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of your CV


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